Welcome to Illinois Tech’s Virtual Student Engagement Center

We’re excited to launch Elevate, our new virtual student engagement center! Elevate centralizes all activities and resources that Illinois Tech provides in one location. Learn more about the upcoming career fairs, campus and residence life events, competitions, study-away opportunities, and featured classes by engaging with Elevate. Receive personalized communication related to your interest areas by following Communities on Campus. See updated internships and on-campus jobs through the automatic feed, and explore job and industry trends through labor market insights. All of this and much more. Welcome to Elevate!

Navigating Our Website

The Elevate portal is your hub for information on campus and Elevate experiences. Here are some of the many things you can do on our site:

  • View the “Access Your Support Team” tab to learn about offices that will support you during your time on campus, find the staff and faculty you need, and also find actionable links on those pages that will help you gather materials needed
  • View the “Explore Elevate Opportunities” tab to check out the Elevate experiences on campus you can participate in to “elevate” your experience on campus
  • View the “Develop Your Plan” tab to begin to plan out your next years at Illinois Tech!
  • On the home page, learn more about Jobs & Internships, Career Resources, Student Engagement, Industries, and Communities on Campus

Customizing Your Alerts

Tailor alerts based on your interests! You’ll be able to modify how often you receive updates (daily, weekly, or monthly) as well as what content you are most interested about learning about. For example, as a 3rd year, you would want to start receiving notifications about internships so you may select “Career and Professional Development Advice” under the Blogs Category, “Internships” under the Jobs Category, and “Career Fairs” under the Events Category. Not sure what alerts you should be selecting? Check out our Sample Planning document to see what you should aim to complete each year you are here.


The Elevate Team

Since this is a brand new initiative, we would like your feedback on the site — let us know what’s working and what you would like to see.

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By BJ Engelhardt
BJ Engelhardt Senior Director, Career Services