Experiential Learning Awards: Illinois Institute of Technology wins #32 in the country!

At Illinois Tech, we know experiential learning matters.

That’s why we are thrilled that Illinois Tech has been named a Forage Experiential Learning Award winner! The award honors the top colleges delivering students outstanding experiential learning opportunities.

Illinois Institute of Technology’s experiential learning program is already producing great results, with a career placement rate of 90.5% in 2020. The ‘Elevate your Future’ initiative, supported by the Elevate Team, gives due appreciation to the fact that “it takes more than a top-tier education” to set students up for success, and therefore guarantees real-world experiences to all students on the program.

We’re on a mission to strengthen the link from #CollegeToCareer

View all the details here: https://education.theforage.com/awards

By Kaelen Evon
Kaelen Evon Manager of Elevate Initiatives