What is a PCC? How can a PCC help you?

Hi my name is Pritam Jogendra Koli. I am a second year graduate student majoring in Food
Safety and Technology. Along with going to school at Illinois Tech, I am a Peer Career Coach
(PCC) in the Career Services Department. I started working as a PCC in Summer 2022. You
may be asking yourself, why should I continue reading and how does a PCC help me…Well, I
am here to explain and help discuss how important a PCC can be in your professional

So, you may ask what is a PCC actually? PCCs are Illinois Tech students who are trained and
supervised by Career Development Coaches. PCCs assist with your professional development
including practice interviews, critiquing résumé and cover letters, and providing guidance on
programs, events, and resources. We currently have a qualified group of undergraduate and
graduate students that make up the PCC Team.

You may be thinking why is it so important to visit PCCs? PCCs provide personal attention at a
peer level with no pressure. Whether you need to start from the beginning, all the way to
enhancing your current skill set, we are here for you. During my time as a PCC I have helped
students with their resumes and cover letters. I have guided students through the interview
process and provided them with resources that will help them ace their interview. I truly enjoy
this position because it provides me the chance to assist students more formally and over a
longer period of time. It is such a pleasure to see the students getting jobs in their dream
companies. I love when students come back to me with their feedback on the tips and resources
I provided.

I strongly encourage all students to meet and connect with us! PCCs conduct drop-in hours
Monday through Friday from 10:30–3:30 in person. Drop-in sessions are available just outside
the Commons in the MTCC. We also offer virtual hours Monday through Friday from 12:30-
3:30pm through Blackboard. Join us and get the help you need in whatever capacity serves you
best. Be sure to connect with me on LinkedIn!

Thank you!

Pritam Jogendra Koli
Peer Career Coach

By Pritam Jogendra Koli
Pritam Jogendra Koli Peer Career Coach