Hi, my name is Onyekachukwu Ezeagbai, I am an international student from Nigeria. I am currently in my final semester, majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I am a Peer Career Coach (PCC) with the Career Services Department, my position as a PCC has been a great experience for me.

I joined Illinois tech in Spring 2022, as an international student knowing how hard it will be for me to settle in, I decided to stay in the campus housing, make friends, and even seek on-campus jobs which are competitive.

I applied for so many on-campus jobs, but I never made it to the interview stage, so with the advice I received from one of the Career Services professional staff, I started networking with students and staff, updated my Handshake profile, and resume. I re-applied to some of the jobs I got denied earlier and this time around, not only did I advance to the interview stage, but I also got the job offers!

Advice to Students:

  • Aside your study, always network with students.
  • Utilize the services of the Career Services department.
  • Don’t feel Shy, always ask questions when necessary.

I won’t conclude without encouraging the student to connect with the PCCs in person at the front of Commons from 10:30am – 3:30pm Monday to Friday, also virtually on blackboard from 12:30pm – 3:30pm Monday to Friday. Also direct all question to

Thank you!

Onyekachukwu Ezeagbai

Peer Career Coach

By Onyeka Ezeagbai
Onyeka Ezeagbai Peer Career Coach