GET Cities Startup TechTalent Program

Join the TechTalent Program for an Inclusive Tech Future!

Are you a technology enthusiast located in Chicago? Here is the perfect opportunity for Illinois Tech students. The TechTalent program presents an amazing chance to collaborate with startups nationwide, contributing to a more inclusive future in the tech industry. Join their pilot initiative as part of the Tech Equity Working Group in GET Cities and embark on an exciting journey of professional development and cooperation.

As a participant in the TechTalent program, you’ll receive various benefits:

– The TechTalent program’s cohort-based model brings numerous benefits, including collaboration, networking opportunities, diverse perspectives, peer learning, a well-structured program, and the establishment of a long-term community.

– Gain insights into working for a startup through project-based work, with a minimum commitment of 20 hours per project and a maximum of 80 hours, at a rate of $18 per hour.

– Participate in facilitated workshops that provide structured learning, expert guidance, interactive and practical learning environments, skill development, networking and collaboration opportunities, and a personalized learning experience.

– Receive personalized guidance, industry insights, networking opportunities, and professional growth through 1-1 mentorship with a leader from Chicago’s tech and innovation ecosystem throughout the project.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity! Fill out the intake form before July 14, 2023, to receive priority consideration. TechTalent is particularly excited to welcome emerging female, non-binary, trans, and BIPOC tech talents, including college students and early-career professionals.

Apply here! 

By Hetvi Babaria
Hetvi Babaria Peer Career Coach