Are you really ready for graduation? The Salesforce Foundations Program

Navigating the job market is tricky, especially for recent graduates facing an ever-widening talent gap between employer expectations and student skill sets. Employers are searching for graduates fluent in both technical know-how and professional skills. It all makes sense, but where can students even get the kind of experience that drives that fluency? Conveniently, Illinois Tech’s Elevate program has helped bridge that gap; its holistic design provides hands-on experience and tailored training, ensuring that you’re ready to shine on day one of your career.

The Salesforce Foundations program, one of the first courses to be introduced through Elevate, follows Illinois Tech’s philosophy on experiential learning. It’s not just about understanding the ins and outs of the world’s #1 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform; it’s about developing digital fluency. This crucial skill set means having the ability to analyze, adapt, and harness new technologies swiftly—a trait highly sought after in today’s digital-driven business world. From mastering the skills to build apps on Salesforce, to understanding how data drives business decisions, the program covers both technical and professional competencies that today’s employers are desperate to find.

Through course content and labs that are based on real-world scenarios, the Salesforce Foundations program provides students opportunities to put their knowledge into practice and develop the critical tools they need to stand out. You’ll gain hands-on experience, cultivate problem-solving skills, and build a network of industry professionals, putting you ahead of the curve. This approach ensures that when you step into the job market, you’ll confidently navigate the challenges and find a path to success. Don’t just take it from us, though; students have rated this course an overall 4.75 out of 5.

So, if you’re a business student looking to distinguish yourself from other job seekers and emerge as a top-tier candidate, take a look at BUS-495 / 595: Salesforce

Foundations: Building Apps. There’s still time to register for the course, which starts on May 14. You can find more information below.
Course Number: BUS 495-01 / 595-01
Course Credits: 3.0
Course Type: Elective
Format: Online
Instructor: Dinakar Jayarajan; taught by Salesforce professionals through IIT’s Elevate partner, Camp4

By Nicholas Mancari
Nicholas Mancari Associate Director, Career Services