Advanced Digital Tools (ADT) on Elevate

“The recognition as an Education Center of
Excellence provides not only access to a global
education network, but it also allows Illinois Tech
to increase awareness about its initiatives
through the Dassault Systèmes channels,
including the rich eco-system of partners and
customers that we have”

Jean-Philippe LAGUERRE
Director, Education NAM – 3DExperience Virtual Twin

Advanced Digital Tools on Elevate, Introduces STEM learners (of all levels) to the use of digital tools supporting technological innovation.

With focus on Modeling and Simulation (ModSim), these new experiences on Elevate focus on workforce development, career readiness, and skill enhancement while supplementing and enriching curricular content.

Participants have the opportunity to work on guided and self-learning experiences within various disciplines towards building on proficiency with Advanced Digital Tools (ADT), a key STEM Competence for success.


ADT Experiences on Elevate


Learn how to Design 3D objects with lessons, guided demos, practice and exercise modules.

M1 Lesson: Introduction to 3D Modeling …


Learn how to evaluate function/performance of systems, devices or processes.

S1 Lesson: Introduction to Simulation in 3DExperience


S2 Lesson: …


Find experiences within your discipline or area of interest by clicking the red arrow. For guided and independent projects.

Modeling …