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A Day In The Life of A Pre-Law Student

Hello, my name is Katelyn Holcomb. I am a junior here at Illinois Institute of Technology.  I am currently studying psychology, while also being a member of the Pre-Law program. If going to law school is something you are interested …

By Katelyn Holcomb
Katelyn Holcomb
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A Day In The Life Of A Pre-Med Student

Pooja Patel, 2nd Year, Biomedical Engineering and Pre-Med

When I first arrived at IIT, I knew that the university would offer countless opportunities and experiences for me to work towards my dreams and build off my curiosity. As a premedical student, …

By Pooja Patel
Pooja Patel
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Budburst Garden Aims to Plant New Community Roots

A new community garden at the corner of 33rd Street and Michigan Avenue will bring members of the Bronzeville community together with Illinois Tech students, faculty, and staff in a living lab.

Davey Friday knows every intersection in the historic …

By Illinois Tech News
Illinois Tech News
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Course Registration 101

Registration must be done online through the myIIT portal system. The schedule of courses can be accessed through the myIIT portal. The following…

Introduction To The Profession (ITP)

Introduction to the Profession (ITP) is a course that every Illinois Tech student takes during their first semester. Each academic…

PSYC 221: Introduction to Psychological Science

Tseng, Yen Chun
Psychologists use the scientific method to understand the behavior and mental processes of individuals. Their investigations into understanding the behavior…

HUM 200: Topics in Humanities

Davis, Jenelle
One-time or initial versions of course topics equivalent to HUM 202, 204, 206, and 208. Topics will introduce students to…

PHYS 224: General Physics III for Engineers

Shylnov, Yurii
Sound and fluid mechanics. Temperature, first and second laws of thermodynamics, kinetic theory and entropy. Reflection, refraction, interference and diffraction.…

CAE 101: Introduction to AutoCAD Drawing and Design

William Briggs
A continuation of CAE 100. Use of PC-based CAD (Computer-Aided Drawing and Design) software for presentation and problem solving in…

CAE 100: Introduction to Engineering Drawing and Design

Briggs, William
Introduction to engineering graphics as a problem-solving tool. Basic traditional techniques of orthographic projection, multi-view, pictorial, auxiliary views, dimensioning and…

CAE 105: Geodetic Science

Rohter, Laurence
Measurement of distances and angles. Theory of errors. Study of leveling, traversing, topographic mapping, route surveying, earthwork computation, photometry, and…

PHYS 123: General Physics I: Mechanics

Mishra, Bhoopesh
Vectors and motion in one, two and three dimensions. Newton’s Laws. Particle dynamics, work and energy. Conservation laws and collisions.…

ECE 211: Circuit Analysis I

Borkar, Suresh
Ohm’s Law, Kirchhoff’s Laws, and network element voltage-current relations. Application of mesh and nodal analysis to circuits. Dependent sources, operational…

CAE 312: Engineering Systems Analysis

Snyder, Mark
Systems concept process, interest rate, present and future worth values, evaluation of alternatives, and elements of microeconomics. Theory of probability,…

ECE 213: Circuit Analysis II

Modir Shanechi, Mohammad Hassan
Sinusoidal excitation and phasors. AC steady-state circuit analysis using phasors. Complex frequency, network functions, pole-zero analysis, frequency response, and resonance.…

CS 350: Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming

Choi, Michael
Introduction to the internal architecture of computer systems, including micro-, mini-, and mainframe computer architectures. Focuses on the relationship among…

Summer Pre-Law Institute

The Illinois Tech Summer Pre-Law Institute offers motivated high school students the opportunity to experience what law school classes are…

PSYC 363: Intro to Sports Psychology

Kazukauskas, Kelly
In this course, students will explore the major psychological theories related to sport and exercise behavior. The course is designed…

MMAE 305: Dynamics

Saghaian, Sayed
Kinematics of particles. Kinetics of particles. Newton’s laws of motion, energy; momentum. Systems of particles. Kinematics of rigid bodies. Plane…

MMAE 313: Fluid Mechanics

Wark, Candace
Basic properties of fluids in motion. Langrangian and Eulerian viewpoints, materials derivative, streamlines, etc. Continuity, energy, and linear and angular…

MATH 151: Calculus I

Analytic geometry. Functions and their graphs. Limits and continuity. Derivatives of algebraic and trigonometric functions. Applications of the derivative. Introduction…

MMAE 320: Thermodynamics

Bernhardt, John
Introduction to thermodynamics including properties of matter; First Law of Thermodynamics and its use in analyzing open and closed systems;…

MATH 152: Calculus II

Maslanka, David
Transcendental functions and their calculus. Integration techniques. Applications of the integral. Indeterminate forms and improper integrals. Polar coordinates. Numerical series…