Dassault Systèmes 3DExperience Demos

Join us in the Idea Shop at the Kaplan Institute during lunch hour for guided demos on the 3DExperience software by Dassault Systèmes. Applications of these tools include Aerospace, Manufacturing, Medical Devices, and more. Come and check out the interactive demos …

By Dylan Sokol
Dylan Sokol
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The Importance of Student Organizations on Campus

My name is Jason Zhou, an active student on campus. Besides pursuing my studies in Architectural Engineering and working as a Peer Career Coach, I’m active in a few student organizations on campus. Student organizations are a great way to …

By Jason Zhou
Jason Zhou Peer Career Coach
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International Consulting Network (ICON) fosters stronger connections between students and global technology hubs. This is acquired through engaging in international consulting initiatives, creating valuable networks, and honing professional skills.

Participants in the ICON program collaborate in international groups, devising creative …

By Nujhat Mredula
Nujhat Mredula
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Scarlet C-Suite Program

The Scarlet C-Suite Program is a comprehensive program offered by Career Services. The purpose of the program is to elevate …


3D modeling refers to the process of creating three-dimensional representations of objects or environments using specialized software. It involves designing …


Simulation involves creating a computer-based model or representation of a real-world process, system, or event. It aims to imitate the …


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