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This website is our hub for information on campus and Elevate experiences. Below is a quick overview of where to find information:

  • On the main page, we have separate tabs for Jobs & Internships, Career Resources, Student Engagement, Industries, and Communities on Campus
  • The “Start Here” tab holds all audience pages with important information relevant to that group.
  • The “Access Your Support Team” tab provides information about the various offices that support our students during their time on campus.
  • The “Explore Elevate Opportunities” tab lists out the various opportunities tied to Elevate for students to explore.
  • The “Develop Your Plan” tab holds resources for students to use to make the most out of their time on campus

Submit An Elevate Proposal

Elevate experiences prepare our students to succeed exceptionally as a professional—to lead, create, innovate, and think boldly—regardless of their major or career path.

Elevate experiences are hands-on, experiential learning opportunities meant to prepare our students for life after graduation. These opportunities could be research, internships, short courses, competitions, and more. Our students are looking forward to learning more about the opportunities you provide for them!

Please submit Elevate proposals to Career Services at careerservices@iit.edu .


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