Student Engagement

Student Engagement is a division at the university that helps students build their soft skills outside of the classroom. We build cocurricular experiences to help our students stand out after they leave our university.

The Student Engagement division is comprised of Campus Life, Career Services, and Residence Life.

Chelsea’s Top 10 Things to do in your first semester as a First-Year Student!

Being a first-year student is such an exciting time, especially here at Illinois Tech and one of the greatest cities in America: Chicago! There are so many things to do, things to try, and people to meet. To help you …

By Chelsea Nguyen
Chelsea Nguyen First Year Mentor
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Being a First Year Student in the FYE (First-Year Experience) Program!

I had a great experience with the First-Year Experience program. Nicholas Goymerac was my First-Year Mentor. The events during Welcome Week in August 2021 were the most memorable. With the Amazing Race Around Chicago and the Undergraduate Day of Service …

By Jason Zhou
Jason Zhou Peer Career Coach
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A Day In The Life Of A Commuter Student

Most of my mornings start with my 5:45 am alarm, so that I am ready to leave the door by 7:55 am. Living in Skokie I need to wake up about 3 hours before the time I need to be …

By Neha Patel
Neha Patel Peer Mentor
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Featured Resources

Food Career Fair 2023

The Department of Food Science and Nutrition (FDSN) at Illinois Tech is excited to announce our partnership with BSI, Chicagoland …

The Office of Career Services will be implementing an event & interview no-show/cancellation policy this Spring semester (2023). Programs, activities, …

Featured Classes

Introduction To The Profession (ITP)

Introduction to the Profession (ITP) is a course that every Illinois Tech student takes during their first semester. Each academic…

PHIL 304: Judgment and Decision-Making

J.D. Trout
A philosophical and psychological examination of good reasoning, the origins of judgment errors and biases, the impact of reasoning on…

HIST 353: Chicago During the Prohibition Era

Mindy Pugh
A study of the people, places, demographics, institutions, politics, culture, and national context of the federal Prohibition (of alcohol) era…

COM 380 Digital Media and Citizenship

Mohamed El Marzouki
An examination of the implications of emerging digital media practices for citizenship, equality, participation, and belonging. Some of the key themes…

AAH 380: Frank Lloyd Wright

Erin Hazard
An examination of the career of architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Students will analyze Wright’s theory of organic architecture, the place…