400 LevelSalesforce Foundations

Salesforce Foundations: Building Applications (BUS 595-03)

Want to Build Apps on a Fortune 500 Platform?

Launched in Summer 2023, this new elective will prepare you with the technical knowledge and professional skills that are in high demand by the growing Salesforce economy. 


Prerequisite: None

This course is best suited for students with an interest in pursuing a career in Business Administration, Information Technology, or Digital Industry. Experience with economics, mathematics, or other technical subjects is helpful but not required. Students should also be comfortable using teleconferencing technology and have a willingness to participate in live discussion and group activities.

Course Information

In this elective, expert practitioners from Camp4 will introduce you to the administrative and business analysis side of the Salesforce platform. 

From learning about object-oriented architecture to creating process automation and business-centric apps, you will not only acquire a comprehensive knowledge of how to build applications on the fastest-growing CRM platform worldwide, but also earn the credentials that will help you command a salary premium in the job market.


  1. Learn to build and deploy applications that prepare you for the 15K+ career opportunities available nationwide. 
  2. Be prepared to earn a Salesforce App Builder certification.
  3. Earn industry microcredentials on Salesforce’s learning platform (up to 35 Trailhead badges).

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Course Features

  • Video lectures that you can access at your convenience prior to class
  • Live, virtual lab sessions where you’ll build functionality in your very own Salesforce environment
  • Access to a broad network of Salesforce consultants who are thought leaders and experts in the ecosystem
  • A capstone project that will simulate the real-life experience of managing a project lifecycle and building a solution to present to a customer
  • Certification materials (vouchers and study packs – see below) 

You will acquire the technical skills that are in high demand by hundreds of thousands of companies across the country, and that will help you command a salary premium


Your Salesforce App Builder voucher and a study pack ($250 total value) is included in the cost of the class. 

Course Information: 

  • 3.0-credit elective
  • Live, virtual sessions with video lecture content
  • Graded
  • Live, virtual sessions meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:15 to 4:30 pm.