IIT Abroad – Kosovo: Applied Cybersecurity

Kosovo, Albania
Student Mobility Office

Professor Dawson has extensive experience working and living in Kosovo. He is excited to share this experience with students be …

IIT Abroad – Spain, Portugal, & Morocco

Student Mobility Office

The program will begin in Lisbon, Portugal with the first days dedicated to a series of hands-on workshops that will …

IIT Abroad – Norway: IIT Aurora

Student Mobility Office

“I found myself a dweller in the dazzling halls of Aurora.” – Henry David Thoreau

We will use the lenses …

IIT Abroad – England: Rural UK Community Pubs

London, United Kingdom
Student Mobility Office

Students will study a recently acquired community pub in Stonesfield England. The students will be tasked with assisting the community …

Climate Resiliency Challenge – OpenIDEO

United States
Competitions & Outside Courses
Leadership Opportunities
Paid Opportunities

Calling all climate-tech startups, community organizers, academics, activists, and makers! 

Have an idea for how to empower frontline communities to …

Summer Institute on Climate and the Environment University of Illinois Chicago

Chicago, IL
Jul 17, 2023
Leadership Opportunities

The causes and effects of climate change make up a complex web that is difficult to understand. The decisions of …

Ripple CBDC Innovate 2023 by Ripple

United States
Competitions & Outside Courses
PRIZES: $200,000
DEADLINE: August 18, 2023
JOIN THE HACKATHON: https://bit.ly/cbdc23u

Atlas Madness by Google Inc

United States
Competitions & Outside Courses
PRIZES: $10,000
DEADLINE: July 11, 2023
JOIN THE HACKATHON: https://bit.ly/atlasmadnessu

Fantom Hackathon Q2 2023 by Fantom Foundation

United States
Competitions & Outside Courses
PRIZES: $306,000 in prizes
DEADLINE: July 3, 2023
JOIN THE HACKATHON: https://bit.ly/fantomq2u