Studying in multiple locations will enrich your college experience by providing a different intellectual and cultural environment. Cultural differences go deeper than language, food, clothing, and art. They shape the way we view the world. Students who study abroad often see their own world in a different light—and find themselves re-examining previously held opinions about other places and ways of life when they return home.

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IIT Abroad – Kosovo: Applied Cybersecurity

Kosovo, Albania
Student Mobility Office

Professor Dawson has extensive experience working and living in Kosovo. He is excited to share this experience with students be …

IIT Abroad – Spain, Portugal, & Morocco

Student Mobility Office

The program will begin in Lisbon, Portugal with the first days dedicated to a series of hands-on workshops that will …

IIT Abroad – Norway: IIT Aurora

Student Mobility Office

“I found myself a dweller in the dazzling halls of Aurora.” – Henry David Thoreau

We will use the lenses …

IIT Abroad – England: Rural UK Community Pubs

London, United Kingdom
Student Mobility Office

Students will study a recently acquired community pub in Stonesfield England. The students will be tasked with assisting the community …

South Korea: Hanyang International Summer School Hanyang International Summer School

South Korea
Student Mobility Office

HISS is one of Korea’s leading summer programs. Every year, around 2000 students spend 4 weeks at one of Korea’s …

IRELAND: University College Dublin University College Dublin

Dublin, Ireland
Student Mobility Office


Why UCD?

Top Ranking: We’re ranked in the top 1% of universities worldwide Global Ireland’s largest and most global …

IRELAND: University College Cork (UCC) University College Cork (UCC)

Cork, Ireland
Student Mobility Office


University College Cork (UCC) was founded in 1845 and is one of the oldest universities in Ireland. It combines …