Edge Award Policy and Procedure

When students participate in an Elevate experience, the Edge Award is a financial resource used to help pay for experience-related costs at the time of a student’s choosing. To use the Edge Award, students must submit an Edge Award request form to provide details about their chosen experience, what they are requesting to use the award for, the amounts they are requesting, and to attach relevant documentation. You must have already-available Edge Award funds at the time of your Elevate experience. Students can request to use their Edge Award for several different types of expenses when filling out one request form.

The EDGE Award can be used for the following expenses while participating in an Elevate experience:

  • Airfare
  • Lodging
  • Program deposits or program fees
  • Meals
  • Transportation (gas, bus fare, or train fare)
  • Tuition (only for summer courses or courses considered Elevate experiences, such as study away or faculty-led research)
  • On-campus housing and meal plans (only while participating in an Elevate experience)

How to Use Your EDGE Award

  1. Choose an Elevate experience that you would like to participate in. If your chosen program is not listed on the Elevate website, please still complete the same steps below.
  2. Begin completing an Edge Award request form.
    • Attach documentation to confirm your participation in the program, if applicable.
    • Indicate what expenses you would like to use your Edge Award for and how much.
    • Attach documentation to confirm the cost of these expenses, if applicable.
  3. After submitting the request form, keep an eye on your Hawk email for any updates or requests for additional information. Once the award is added to your account, it will either apply to your student bill or be sent as a refund, depending on whether you are using the Edge Award for billable or non-billable expenses.
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