Honest Open Proud (HOP) Workshop Spring

 Madeline Oppenheim and Jessica Backus, IIT grad students,  are facilitating a closed 6-week  group workshop in the spring for any students (undergrad or grad) interested in learning more about developing skills around disclosing a mental health problem in a certain context, whether it be depression on a scholarship essay, anxiety to a professor to receive accommodations, psychosis to a new friend, depression symptoms on a date, to a colleague…you name it. Further details will be determined once we form this group. So, please respond with your interest by December 31st, and we will send out a doodle poll.

First 2 sessions: Weigh pros and cons of disclosing mental illness

3rd & 4th sessions: Consider how and who you are going to disclose to

5th & 6th sessions: How to tell your story

Where: In person in Michael Paul Galvin Towers, on 12th floor’s North Conference Room

When: TBD

Cost: FREE! 

Curious about learning more? Visit: https://hopprogram.org/