Illinois Tech Alumni Mentorship Program

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Illinois Tech Alumni are eager to help students prepare for their future career!

Students can join the Alumni Mentorship Program to gain advice and guidance with academic, career, and personal development.  The program gives students access to a large network of Illinois Tech Alumni who have volunteered to be mentors.  Students are matched with an alumni mentor who share the same major, degree, and career interests.  Mentors and students meet on a regular basis during the program to discuss topics or do activities related to professional development.

Goal of Mentorship program:

  • Provide a professional resource to help students successfully navigate their academic and career paths.
  • Help students build and develop professional skills.
  • Provide students with advice and guidance for their academic, professional, and personal development.

Program Overview:

  • Students are matched with an alumni mentor based on major, degree, and career interests.
  • Students and mentors connect on a regular basis during the program.
  • Mentors and students collaborate to determine goals and activities to work on during the mentorship relationship.

Why Join the Illinois Tech Alumni to Student Mentorship Program?

Current Illinois Tech students have found the program helpful for understanding and navigating career options.  Alumni mentorships have helped current students feel more confident and motivated to apply for internships or jobs, attend career fairs, and take action with other career related endeavors.

Activities current students have done with their mentors include:

  • Mock interviews
  • Informational interviews
  • Job shadows
  • Resume and cover letter review
  • Introductions to professionals in mentor’s network
  • Mock salary negotiations
  • Role-play difficult conversations in the workplace
  • Brainstorm ways to stand out in your internship/job applications and interviews

Discussion topics current students have received advice and guidance with include:

  • Career options
  • Academic and graduate school options
  • Time management
  • Effective networking
  • How to follow-up after an interview
  • Assessing workplace environments
  • Assessing workplace values/non-negotiables
  • Communications in the workplace with managers or supervisors
  • What hiring managers are looking for in applicants

Testimonials from mentors and mentees who have gone through the program:

“The guidance I received is what I was looking for especially outside academics. Really helped me forge a path and direction I want to move in my career. This is the most standout thing in my entire masters I’d say.”

“My mentee is a student having a similar background like mine so we can relate to a number of situations and experiences. I get a chance to get to know about the current scenario at Chicago in general and IIT in particular. I am able to fulfill my passion of giving back to my institution and the community.”

In the professional world, who you know can be important!  Understanding your career path options and networking can often be intimidating.  You might be unsure about where to start, who to reach out to, or what to say.  The Alumni Mentorship Program makes it easy to get advice and network in your field.  Illinois Tech alumni are some the greatest resources for understanding career options and finding professional opportunities. Alumni have been in your shoes before want to share their knowledge and advice to help you succeed!