3D modeling refers to the process of creating three-dimensional representations of objects or environments using specialized software. It involves designing and shaping digital objects that can range from simple shapes to complex structures, characters, landscapes, or detailed scenes. This technique finds application in various fields such as animation, gaming, architecture, product design, simulations, and more.

Learn more on how to Design 3D objects with lessons, guided demos, practice and exercise modules.

Use this as a menu when searching for modules. Take note of the letter and number that precedes each module so you can look them up in the Experiences on ELEVATE Dashboard in 3DExperience. To learn how to access the dashboard, click the button below.


Background informational modules that will help you get a basis of understanding on how to use certain tools within the platform.

Learn the fundamentals of how to create a 3D model using 3DExperience Part Design. Familiarize yourself with some of the tools and how to navigate the app.

See how to import an stl into 3DExperience so that it can be edited and used for assemblies or simulations.

Learn the fundamentals of using 3DExperience Assembly Design to assemble parts. See how to import parts, manipulate them, and constrain them together.

Demo Activities

You will be provided all that you need to follow along with guided instructions to complete these activities.

Follow along with the guided instructions to model a 3D part. Learn by using some useful sketching and modeling tools including the rib and hole tools.

Follow along with the guided instructions to model a 3D part. Learn by using some useful sketching and modeling tools including the mirror tool.

Practice fundamental assembly tools in this interactive activity. Use the insert, manipulate, and connection tools to assemble 3 example parts.

Model a pitot-type spirometer by following along with the guided instructions. Practice modeling for fluid simulation in this application based model. Use spline, shaft, fillet, and more tools.

Create a 3D model of a toy brick from sketch to model in this interactive demo. Practice using pad and pattern tools.

Create a 3D model of a bridge that adheres to the Brookhaven National Lab Bridge Competition rules & regulations. Learn how iterative modeling with software can help refine real world prototypes.

Follow the guided steps to model a wing from sketch to completion. Use the spline tool to create the profile of the wing and the multi sections solid tool to loft the profile to create the wing.

Practice Activities

Put your skills to the test with these open ended problems.

Assemble 3 parts to make a moveable arm assembly. You will be provided each part and a general description of how each part should move in relation to each other.

Learn how to use the chamfer tool to edit a model that has already been created. Prerequisite: M7

Test your sketching and constraining abilities in 2 dimensional space. You will be given a sketch with dimensions and attempt to copy it.

Test your modeling intuition by modeling the mouthpiece of a pitot type spirometer using only an engineering drawing. Utilize the ellipse tool in sketcher.

Create your own model of a facemask while adhering to general guidelines. This will test your modeling abilities as well as your creativity.