Career Outcomes

Illinois Tech graduates are in high demand. See what our graduates are doing within six months of graduation

Career Services tracks career outcomes on an annual basis through a survey known as First Destination. This data refers to the post-graduation status of students within six months of graduation and provides a snapshot view of the success undergraduates obtain.

Graduates of Illinois Tech pursue a wide variety of industries and positions in leading companies and organizations, and Career Services strongly believes that engaging in internships, research, study abroad, and student organizations are practices that lead to post-graduation success. For additional information or questions, please get in touch with Illinois Tech Career Services.

First Destination

The vast majority of our graduates obtained full-time employment or decided to continue their education through graduate studies.

Learn more about the percentages of our graduates employed full-time, part-time, in graduate school, serving in the military, or pursuing volunteer opportunities.

Top Employers

Every year, Illinois Tech graduates self-report their success to Career Services.  Our graduates obtain positions at companies and organizations of all sizes, including start-ups, early-stage companies, and Fortune 500 corporations.


Starting Salary

Our graduates earn competitive starting salaries

We provide students with the information they need to understand salary expectations by industry, sector, and geographic location.

Employment Locations

Our graduates select positions across the U.S. and the world.

United States


Top Universities

The list below provides a list of universities most often attended by Illinois Tech graduates for graduate school.

Degree Types

Illinois Tech graduates are well-positioned to pursue continuing education in a variety of areas.  

Fields of Study

An Illinois Tech degree positions graduates for continuing education in a wide variety of STEM-related areas.