A Day In The Life of A Pre-Law Student

Hello, my name is Katelyn Holcomb. I am a junior here at Illinois Institute of Technology.  I am currently studying psychology, while also being a member of the Pre-Law program. If going to law school is something you are interested …

By Katelyn Holcomb
Katelyn Holcomb
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A Day In The Life Of A Pre-Med Student

Pooja Patel, 2nd Year, Biomedical Engineering and Pre-Med

When I first arrived at IIT, I knew that the university would offer countless opportunities and experiences for me to work towards my dreams and build off my curiosity. As a premedical student, …

By Pooja Patel
Pooja Patel
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Tech to the Future

To our fantastic college students who are working hard to identify your passions and go on to enjoy fulfilling and prosperous lives we have an opportunity for you to shine! If you are interested in AI, Machine Learning, mixed reality …

By April Welch
April Welch Associate Vice President, Strategic Initiatives
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Featured Classes

Introduction To The Profession (ITP)

Introduction to the Profession (ITP) is a course that every Illinois Tech student takes during their first semester. Each academic…

Inter-Professional Projects Program (IPRO)

Interprofessional Projects (IPROs) at Illinois Tech provide real-world project experience for students. All undergraduate students must complete two IPRO courses,…

Experiment in Architecture

If you are currently enrolled in high school and looking to the future, you may be interested in IIT’s summer…

Summer Pre-Law Institute

The Illinois Tech Summer Pre-Law Institute offers motivated high school students the opportunity to experience what law school classes are…

Business Bootcamp

The Stuart School of Business is hosting an engaging and relevant business-focused, a week-long summer program for high school students…

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a term that is impossible to escape these days. If you’ve ever wondered what hides behind…

MBA 536: Internet of Things

Waterloo, Daniel
The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the growing range of connected devices that send data across the Internet. The…

ARCH 497: Japan: Architecture + Culture

Wetzel, Catherine
The Japan: Architecture + Culture will study contemporary Japanese architecture and its cultural context. Over the last half century Japanese…

Undergraduate Career Outcomes

Career Outcomes

Illinois Tech graduates are in high demand. See what our graduates are doing within six months of graduation

Career Services tracks career outcomes on an annual basis through a survey known as First Destination. This data refers to the post-graduation status of students within six months of graduation and provides a snapshot view of the success undergraduates obtain.

Graduates of Illinois Tech pursue a wide variety of industries and positions in leading companies and organizations, and Career Services strongly believes that engaging in internships, research, study abroad, and student organizations are practices that lead to post-graduation success. For additional information or questions, please get in touch with Illinois Tech Career Services.

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First Destination

The vast majority of our graduates obtained full-time employment or decided to continue their education through graduate studies.

Learn more about the percentages of our graduates employed full-time, part-time, in graduate school, serving in the military, or pursuing volunteer opportunities.