Why use VMock?

VMock is a powerful AI resume critique tool providing real-time custom resume feedback for all Illinois Tech students, tailored to different jobs and industries. The platform offers immediate feedback on resume content and format at your convenience.

It’s a great tool to get you going with your resume. Career Services invests in this efficient AI tool to help you begin drafting a successful resume.

Why is the resume such an important component of your job search?

Employers look at dozens, sometimes hundreds of resumes each day.  They want to review an easy-to-read resume that’s formatted simply and has important content that indicates you can do the job.

Using a recommended template makes it easier to get there, and make all of your great accomplishments and hard work stand out.

Log into vmock.com/iit using your hawk email, upload your resume, review your score and the feedback from the tool, then make the recommended changes.  Upload your resume 3-4 more times to get closer to the score of 100. Once you have a nice looking, well formatted resume, that’s easy to read, make an appointment with a career coach and start chatting about our other helpful resources.

By Julie Bruns
Julie Bruns Senior Career Development Coach