Revolutionize Your Tech Career: Piece Together Your Future with Mosaic

If you are considering studying in the tech field (or currently studying), it is not news to you that the job market is not as promising as it once looked. One glance, and you are confronted with the abundance of layoffs, and the fact that big tech is not hiring as much as they used to.

As a tech student, the next logical step to combat this disaster is to backtrack to the root of the problem, and prevent it from happening to you. Okay, easy. Well, the tech layoffs are credited to the mass hiring sprees during the pandemic. Companies overestimated their hiring and employee budgets. People can keep on applying and they’ll get picked eventually… But also, after putting in great efforts to submit hundreds of applications and waiting weeks, applicants are only met with a copy-pasted bot message starting with “Unfortunately…”. The recruiters don’t have time to screen through all of them, all people need to do is make themselves stand out better! Okay but also… 

We can go down this rabbit hole for days and point fingers everywhere. However, the root of this problem actually lies right underneath our noses: the traditional college curriculum. 

Now don’t get me wrong, we’re not trying to downplay college or anything. College has been a reliable powerhouse that has consistently gotten people employed with amazing salaries for centuries. But that’s the main problem: as our technology continues to rapidly advance, the college curriculum is simply outdated and produces students who are faced with a mismatch between industry relevant skills and what they learn for four years of their life. This explains why the curriculums of CS, CE, EE and ME are mostly theoretical, conceptual, and abstract. Given the complexity of this field, it requires students to acquire technical skills through self-directed learning and programming projects. However, not everyone has the luxury of dedicating extracurricular time out of their personal life. As mentioned earlier, college can serve as a reliable safety net in such cases.

College prepares you to go into the workforce with the toolbox to merely equip the bigger picture. But after 4 years of learning, you are limited to viewing things from the top down. How the hell do I use this hammer? And what for? How can I view everything as a whole?

Hundreds of thousands of students across the region suffer with the common pain points: How can I invest time in obtaining the technical skills, apply to handfuls of internships/jobs, make myself stand out, ALL while balancing the hardships of academia and life?

Introducing Mosaic, the platform that streamlines a solution to all of the above: all under one, unified ecosystem. Here’s how it works:

Upon signing up, you will immediately be met with job postings, similar to LinkedIn. What makes us different is the application process. Instead of blindly submitting a resume, each job posting will contain a unique “roadmap”. This roadmap contains all things relevant to the job posting, from company history, to how the job role ties into the company, and of course, educational resources related to the role. This will all be sourced from the existing resources off the internet, curated by AI and approved by the company themselves. Additionally, you will get occasional knowledge checks to promote retention of content. After completion of these roadmaps, you will then be able to submit your resume. If you get picked, you will move onto the next round, where you will be tasked to complete a 1 week long project that encapsulates the concepts that were covered. Last but not least, you will be tasked to create a demo video, showcasing your work and letting the recruiter know a little more about yourself.

 Using this platform you will equip yourself with industry relevant skills, soft people skills, and a deep connection to the company you’re applying to.

Even if you don’t make it past the hiring stage, you will still have the opportunity to strengthen your portfolio with the extra project that you just completed. This provides MUCH greater value than continuously visiting tutorial hell through your own research. Not to mention, you will be able to move onto the next job posting, or, whatever you would like, fully customizable to your liking.

Through this platform you can paint your own journey, and truly piece together your own Mosaic.

We, as a group of students, have suffered the same pain you all have suffered. The future is now. Sign up today at

We wish you all a magnitude of strength and luck in your future endeavors! 

– Team Mosaic

By Raymond Duong
Raymond Duong