Sample Planning

Below are the key items to consider while planning your time at Illinois Tech.  Connect with your Elevate Advising team for additional guidance and insights.

CategoryPre-CollegeYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4

Participate and engage in pre-college programs and/or virtual internships

Sign and upload your guaranteed agreement

Meet with your student success team

Complete your resume and meet with Career Services

Join a student organization

Participate and Complete the First-Year Experience Program

Participate in the Sophomore Leadership Program and Retreat

Participate in the university mentoring program and training or a similar experience

Participate in an Elevate leadership experience and participate in student organizations

Secure an internship or research experience

Attend campus recruitment events such as a career fair

Become a leader of a student organization

Complete a mock interview with a career coach

Mentor an Illinois Tech student and attend alumni events

Graduate in good standing

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