Cover Letter Guide

The aim of a cover letter is to offer recruiters or hiring managers a deeper insight into your achievements and an idea of the value you could bring to the role if selected. Hence, mastering the art of crafting a cover letter is crucial for anyone seeking employment. While some recruiters might overlook these attachments, it’s impossible to determine which ones will disregard them. Moreover, numerous recruiters utilize cover letters to distinguish among candidates sharing comparable qualifications, emphasizing the importance of attaching one with every resume submission.

A cover letter guide is a resource or document designed to assist individuals in creating effective cover letters when applying for jobs. It typically includes detailed instructions, tips, and examples to help job seekers craft a compelling cover letter tailored to a specific job application. 

The Illinois Tech Career Services Cover Letter guide covers various aspects of writing a cover letter, including:

1. Structure: Guidance on the appropriate structure of a cover letter, such as how to start, what sections to includ, and how to organize the content.

2. Content Suggestions: Suggestions on what information to include in each section, such as relevant skills, experiences, achievements, and qualifications that match the job requirements.

3. Tone and Language:  Tips on maintaining a professional tone, using language that aligns with the company’s culture, and avoiding common mistakes or clichés.

4. Customization and Personalization: Advice on how to personalize the cover letter for a specific job, including researching the company and tailoring the content to match the job description.

5. Examples and Templates: Providing examples or templates of well-written cover letters to serve as models or inspiration for crafting one’s own cover letter.

6. Formatting and Presentation: Guidance on formatting, font styles, margins, and overall presentation to ensure the cover letter looks polished and professional.

Overall, a cover letter guide serves as a valuable tool to assist job seekers in presenting themselves effectively to potential employers, increasing their chances of standing out among other applicants.