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Parents and families play a huge role in the success of their students at Illinois Tech. Your student relies on you for encouragement, advice, help with applications, bills—and, well, you raised them, so we don’t have to tell you!


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Experiential Learning Awards: Illinois Institute of Technology wins #32 in the country!

At Illinois Tech, we know experiential learning matters.

That’s why we are thrilled that Illinois Tech has been named a Forage Experiential Learning Award winner! The award honors the top colleges delivering students outstanding experiential learning opportunities.

Illinois Institute of …

By Kaelen Evon
Kaelen Evon Manager of Elevate Initiatives
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Illinois Tech’s class of 2026 is expected to be largest in recent history

Now that we have gotten to the other side of the May 1st National College Decision Day, I would like to take this opportunity to share that as of May 6th, a total of 638 incoming students have committed to …

By Michael Gosz
Michael Gosz Vice President for Enrollment and Senior Vice Provost
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Elevate Your Future Through Armour Academy

Our unique Armour Academy for Experiential Learning and Student Success combines the guaranteed real-world experiences of Illinois Tech’s one-of-a-kind Elevate program with personalized guidance from engineering industry mentors. 

We offer a world-class engineering education intentionally designed for your personal success. 

By Michael Gosz
Michael Gosz Vice President for Enrollment and Senior Vice Provost
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Featured Resources

Featured Classes

Introduction To The Profession (ITP)

Introduction to the Profession (ITP) is a course that every Illinois Tech student takes during their first semester. Each academic…

Inter-Professional Projects Program (IPRO)

Interprofessional Projects (IPROs) at Illinois Tech provide real-world project experience for students. All undergraduate students must complete two IPRO courses,…

SSCI 285: Global Disaster Responses, Comparing Policy: US-Japan

Christopher Deis
With professor Christopher Deis, you will investigate a topic of current interest at the introductory level. Course may be taken…

Pre-College Summer Programs

Enrich your summer experience by exploring our Pre-College programs in Computing and Technology. This summer, Illinois Tech is offering several…

Experiment in Architecture

If you are currently enrolled in high school and looking to the future, you may be interested in IIT’s summer…

PSYC 221: Introduction to Psychological Science

Tseng, Yen Chun
Psychologists use the scientific method to understand the behavior and mental processes of individuals. Their investigations into understanding the behavior…

BIOL 115: Human Biology

Bekyarova, Tanya
This course covers selected topics in biology of particular relevance to humans and to human health and disease. Topics include…

CAE 100: Introduction to Engineering Drawing and Design

Briggs, William
Introduction to engineering graphics as a problem-solving tool. Basic traditional techniques of orthographic projection, multi-view, pictorial, auxiliary views, dimensioning and…

CAE 105: Geodetic Science

Rohter, Laurence
Measurement of distances and angles. Theory of errors. Study of leveling, traversing, topographic mapping, route surveying, earthwork computation, photometry, and…

BUS100: Introduction to Business

Joel Goldhar
This course introduces students not only to the business environment but also to the different purposes and functions of businesses.…

Computational Science Course

Are you a college or advanced high school student interested in science, math, and computation? Learn about these topics in…

ARCH 497: Post-Industrial Port Urbanism

Long, Melissa
The course will explore the wider region around Berlin with trips to comparable port-cities, such as Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Rotterdam…

Biomedical Engineering: Session II

Biomedical engineers improve our health and lives through advances such as artificial organs, sophisticated robot-operated surgical equipment, advanced medical imaging,…

ARCH 497: Flux Architecture

Klaeschen, Martin
As participants of this course will be traveling through Europe the course will focus on existing and new local progressions…

Biology Program

The Biology Summer Program will expose students to different career paths available in the field of biology through interaction with…

ARCH 456: Italy: A Grand Tour

Humer, Colleen
This class is devoted to the close observation, description, and analysis of works of architecture from 1900 to the present.…

Cybersecurity Bootcamp

This boot camp provides a more in-depth look at cybersecurity that is targeted at students with prior knowledge of basic…

ARCH 497: New York/Culture of Congestion

Brock, Thomas
This program is the week-long trip to Manhattan as part of the course, Delirious New York and the Culture of…

Psychology Summer Program

In this program, students will be introduced to the field of psychology, including basic psychological principles, overarching theories, psychological disorders,…

SSCI 354: Urban Policy

Bliss, Daniel
Explores major dilemmas facing cities today including changing economic and tax bases, fiscal stresses, immigration, marginalized populations, new forms of…