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Parents and families play a huge role in the success of their students at Illinois Tech. Your student relies on you for encouragement, advice, help with applications, bills—and, well, you raised them, so we don’t have to tell you!


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The Elevate portal is your hub for information on campus and Elevate experiences. Here are some of the many things you can do on our site:

  • On the main page, we have separate tabs for Jobs & Internships, Career Resources, Student Engagement, Industries, and Communities on Campus
  • The “Start Here” tab holds all audience pages with important information relevant to that group.
  • The “Access Your Support Team” tab provides information about the various offices that support our students during their time on campus.
  • The “Explore Elevate Opportunities” tab lists out the various opportunities tied to Elevate for students to explore.
  • The “Develop Your Plan” tab holds resources for students to use to make the most out of their time on campus

The Power of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most useful social media for today’s job search. There are over 1 billion users on the platform that have to be authentic and genuine. This article will explore the power of LinkedIn, my success with it, and …

By Jason Zhou
Jason Zhou Peer Career Coach
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Illinois Tech & Virtual Internships Summer & Fall Registration Now Open!

Dear Students,
Illinois Tech Career Services and Virtual Internships is pleased to continue its partnership and seek applicants for the Summer and Fall semesters.

We have partnered with Virtual Internships to provide students with their first type of career related …

By Nicholas Mancari
Nicholas Mancari Associate Director, Career Services
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Milwaukee Tool Internships

Milwaukee internships offer hands-on experience in innovative work, including programs in technology development, engineering, sales, and marketing, providing mentorship, training, and opportunities to build essential skills for future careers.

Take advantage of their continuous hiring and ongoing career opportunities.

By Nicholas Mancari
Nicholas Mancari Associate Director, Career Services
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Featured Resources

When students participate in an Elevate experience, the Edge Award is a financial resource used to help pay for experience-related …