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Experiential Learning Awards: Illinois Institute of Technology wins #32 in the country!

At Illinois Tech, we know experiential learning matters.

That’s why we are thrilled that Illinois Tech has been named a Forage Experiential Learning Award winner! The award honors the top colleges delivering students outstanding experiential learning opportunities.

Illinois Institute of …

By Kaelen Evon
Kaelen Evon Manager of Elevate Initiatives
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Illinois Tech’s class of 2026 is expected to be largest in recent history

Now that we have gotten to the other side of the May 1st National College Decision Day, I would like to take this opportunity to share that as of May 6th, a total of 638 incoming students have committed to …

By Michael Gosz
Michael Gosz Vice President for Enrollment and Senior Vice Provost
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A Day In The Life of A Pre-Law Student

Hello, my name is Katelyn Holcomb. I am a junior here at Illinois Institute of Technology.  I am currently studying psychology, while also being a member of the Pre-Law program. If going to law school is something you are interested …

By Katelyn Holcomb
Katelyn Holcomb
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Students …

Highlighted Employers

  • Google, Inc
  • Motorola Solutions, Inc
  • Microsoft
  • Medline Industries, Inc
  • Lockheed Martin

Featured Classes

Course Registration 101

Registration must be done online through the myIIT portal system. The schedule of courses can be accessed through the myIIT portal. The following…

Inter-Professional Projects Program (IPRO)

Interprofessional Projects (IPROs) at Illinois Tech provide real-world project experience for students. All undergraduate students must complete two IPRO courses,…

SSCI 285: Global Disaster Responses, Comparing Policy: US-Japan

Christopher Deis
With professor Christopher Deis, you will investigate a topic of current interest at the introductory level. Course may be taken…

CHEM 235: Organic Chemistry I-Lecture

Banerjee, Somdev
The constitution and properties of the different classes of organic compounds with considerable attention to stereochemistry and reaction mechanisms. CHEM…

BUS 301: Organizational Behavior

Goldhar, Joel
Successful managers are able to align business strategies with the organization’s culture and core competencies. In this course, students will…

CAE 101: Introduction to AutoCAD Drawing and Design

William Briggs
A continuation of CAE 100. Use of PC-based CAD (Computer-Aided Drawing and Design) software for presentation and problem solving in…

ECON 211: Principles of Economics

Haddadian Nekah, Pouya
Familiarize yourself with basic Economic concepts such as companies and households interactions, supply and demand, and business short-term and long-term…

BUS100: Introduction to Business

Joel Goldhar
This course introduces students not only to the business environment but also to the different purposes and functions of businesses.…

PHYS 123: General Physics I: Mechanics

Mishra, Bhoopesh
Vectors and motion in one, two and three dimensions. Newton’s Laws. Particle dynamics, work and energy. Conservation laws and collisions.…

PS 200: American Government

Surveys American politics and government. Informal political institutions, such as parties and interest groups, are analyzed and related to formal…

BIOL 115: Human Biology

Bekyarova, Tanya
This course covers selected topics in biology of particular relevance to humans and to human health and disease. Topics include…

CAE 100: Introduction to Engineering Drawing and Design

Briggs, William
Introduction to engineering graphics as a problem-solving tool. Basic traditional techniques of orthographic projection, multi-view, pictorial, auxiliary views, dimensioning and…

HUM 200: Topics in Humanities

Davis, Jenelle
One-time or initial versions of course topics equivalent to HUM 202, 204, 206, and 208. Topics will introduce students to…

CAE 105: Geodetic Science

Rohter, Laurence
Measurement of distances and angles. Theory of errors. Study of leveling, traversing, topographic mapping, route surveying, earthwork computation, photometry, and…

PHYS 224: General Physics III for Engineers

Shylnov, Yurii
Sound and fluid mechanics. Temperature, first and second laws of thermodynamics, kinetic theory and entropy. Reflection, refraction, interference and diffraction.…

CHE 202: Material Energy Balances

Parulekar, Satish
Material and energy balances for engineering systems subjected to chemical and physical transformations. Calculations on industrial processes. CHE 202-01 Date:…

IPRO 497: Neuromuscular & Stroke Rehab 2

Krishnamurthy, Mahesh
Interprofessional projects allow students to learn teamwork, leadership and project management skills, while working in multidisciplinary teams on projects involving…

CS 455: Data Communications

Chlebus, Edward
Introduction to data communication concepts and facilities with an emphasis on protocols and interface specifications. Focuses on the lower four…

ARCH 438: Design Visualization

Peluso, Alphonso
This course is an in-depth exploration of new visualization techniques to support and express architectural design through 3D rendering. Topics…

CHE 239: Mathematical and Computational Methods

Chmielewski, Donald
Utilization of numeric and analytic methods to find solutions to a variety of chemical engineering problems. Emphasis placed on development…

Undergraduate Career Outcomes

Career Outcomes

Illinois Tech graduates are in high demand. See what our graduates are doing within six months of graduation

Career Services tracks career outcomes on an annual basis through a survey known as First Destination. This data refers to the post-graduation status of students within six months of graduation and provides a snapshot view of the success undergraduates obtain.

Graduates of Illinois Tech pursue a wide variety of industries and positions in leading companies and organizations, and Career Services strongly believes that engaging in internships, research, study abroad, and student organizations are practices that lead to post-graduation success. For additional information or questions, please get in touch with Illinois Tech Career Services.

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First Destination

The vast majority of our graduates obtained full-time employment or decided to continue their education through graduate studies.

Learn more about the percentages of our graduates employed full-time, part-time, in graduate school, serving in the military, or pursuing volunteer opportunities.